Rental Conditions

Processing your reservation;

When we receive your reservation, we respond very first day we reach you to inform that we confirm your reservation or not according to our vehicle inventory.

Confirmation of your reservation;

When your reservation is confirmed, you will be informed by email or phone. Therefore, please make sure that the contact information you provide is correct and complete.

Canceling your reservation;

You can cancel your reservations before its confirmed at any time by calling +905050369595 or +905354104063

Vehicle Delivery;

When you make a reservation, the vehicle will be delivered to you according to your location and time information. So make sure you have entered your car receipt, return location, pick-up time and return time information correctly. Whether you provide your flight details accurately and completely, all flights will be tracked by us and will help you organize your reservation information in delays and delays.
During the delivery, you are asked for your identity card, driver's license, passport information.

How to Pay;

Payment is made according to the payment method you choose above. Vehicle delivery can not be made without payment. You can pay for the delivery of your car by cash or credit card. Your bill will be delivered when you return the billing agent, please notify us without returning this information if the bill will be billed on behalf of another person or institution.

Vehicle Malfunction or Accident Situation;

Technical maintenance and periodic maintenance of all our vehicles are performed by the service on time. If we compare this to a technical problem with the vehicle, we will help you with our 24/7 technical team. We work in Turkey contracted Service Network Services are offered to you by uninterrupted service.
If your vehicle is required to remain in the Maintenance Service for more than 12 hours due to such problems, your vehicle will be allocated another vehicle equivalent to the vehicle you have used.

In the event of a Damage or Accident, please do not take any action on the vehicle without informing us and without the instructions of our authorized personnel.